Garbage Bins, Fuel Tanks, Office Trailers, and even Outhouses.
We Rent It All!

Rig/Completions Trucking our Specialty!
From Bed Trucks, to Winch Tractors, and Water Trucks. We Have It All!

Residential Services

Residential (and Commercial!) Lawn Care, Landscaping, Garden Care, and Design Delivery. We Do It All!

Why Choose Us


Our history and our customers speak for themselves but we don't mind expanding on what they say! We are here for you and for what you need. Rhino Industries Ltd. does it all...Quality, Service and Support with safety as our main focus. Together we can do it all.


Safe & Secure

All our staff, all our tickets and certifications, all practiced and maintained.


Superior Support

You need help, we are here. Quickly, easily and professionally. 


Something Special

From our people to our service to our quality, we have what it takes.